Bitch Boy

aka “How I stopped worrying and learned to love the whip”

2014 was the year I decided to quit My corporate job and take a massive pay cut to become a porn clerk in a small, seedy adult boutique I lovingly dubbed the Smut Hut. What possessed me to a life of smut peddling and purveyor of rubber cocks? The fact that corporate jobs are soul-crushing…also I’m a pervert.

I learned a lot about the sex industry in those days and had many interesting interactions with people from all walks of life. One that stood out the most was Bitch Boy. Before him, I struggled to understand the more Dominant side of Myself. Even though the interaction was completely messed up and My consent wasn’t given, I still learned a lot and I look back at that interaction fondly.

Thanks to My time as a porn clerk, I’ve learned how to avoid infectious diseases and keep Myself entertained in the most horrific and boring scenarios. Perfect in a post-pandemic world. Thus, seven years later, I dredged through the gutter and dug up the graphic novel I worked on while working at the Smut Hut. I’ve decided to share one of the most intimate moments of My life: My first personal interaction with the world of Pro Domming and the continued adventures of self-discovery. 

Today, I’m now a professional Dominatrix and continue to spread My love and knowledge of smut across the internet. I sometimes think about Bitch Boy and wonder how he’s doing and if he found an actual Domme. Let’s hope so. 

The artist who worked on this is Butter Face Creations and has come a long way in their artistic journey since the conception of this comic. Go check out their art and consider purchasing a commission to help support struggling artists during this fucked-off time.

Enjoy! Or rather, be grateful for what you get, scum! 

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