Welcome to My chamber of debauchery

Some people say I’m “Extra” –

To that, I would agree! I’m extraordinary and live My life according to My whims, wants, and needs. I am the Puppeteer and you’ve stumbled into My workshop. Are you ready to explore and carve away what covers those deep desires? 

As an empowered woman who takes pride and knowledge in her sexuality, society deems Me a threat. Precisely correct. I don’t play by anyone’s rules but My own. My vision is rooted in the dispensation of female supremacy through emasculation, obedience training, discipline, and education in a sensual, compassionate, and sadistic manner.  

I enjoy exploring the depth of my mind and that of others the most. What makes a person tick? What experiences can we have together that will bring out our innermost hidden desires? What buttons can I push to elicit a forbidden response? Real connection comes when everyone involved participates in the creation of the experience. We shed our outside masks to show our vulnerable, passionate needs and wants; making them known and standing in that truth unashamed and secure.  

Nothing feels more fulfilling than knowing someone has come to trust in Me to the point they willingly hand over their power and control. Getting to delve deep into your mind and pick it apart, piece by piece to create an intentional space of erotic fantasy come to life as an art form.

Approach now and become addicted to the thrill of your transformation.

Nova Starlust is a Dominatrix based out of Portland, OR


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