I am sensual, seductive, and sadistic. A guiding disciplinarian, a hedonistic sinner, and the final dungeon boss who aims to bring transformative experiences to those who seek what it is that lies in the depths of their own mind, body, and soul. No gods, no masters: only your true self laid bare at My feet.

My lair is based out of the U.S. Pacific Northwest in rainy Portland, OR. I travel to other states a few times a year to bring my 10+ years of BDSM experience to those seeking My knowledge and skill. Specializing in humiliation, predicament bondage, feminization of the masculine, training and discipline, mind-fuckery, impact and sensation play, creative role-plays, and much more! 

My journey began when I was a child. I remember watching cartoons that depicted scenes of bondage, tickle torture, spanking machines, and other nefarious devices. From that moment on, I knew there was something exciting about these activities, and would grow to create those fantasies into reality. As I got older, I’d often experiment with My friends. Everything from impact, piercing play, fire & wax, breath play, and more. One thing I’ve learned about BDSM is that it’s playful and fun. Just like when we were children discovering our boundaries and games we love to participate in, this is just a grown-up version of all those things, but much sexier. It allows us to express ourselves in ways that are unconventional, or not as easily accessible, with an open mind and creativity. Being able to break down the taboo and stigma of these desires is something I am passionate about.  

In 2012 I trained as a lifestyle submissive. I participated in pet play, role-play scenarios with other submissives, etiquette, domestic servitude, and mind fuckery. Eventually, I was invited to co-top for an entire week and discovered My love of taking a more dominant role which came much more naturally. This was further cemented while working in an adult store in 2014 where many people came in and commented on My dominating presence and ability to control a room full of horny men. I engaged in consensual blackmail fantasies as well as selling my used panties to pervs. In 2016 I formed a podcast about sex education and My journey to becoming a professional dominatrix. I started going to in-person classes, events, and play parties to become more acquainted with safety and protocol until finally taking the plunge to start seeing clients in 2019. In 2021 I joined Club Rosa, a co-working space for Femdoms in the PDX area and I now see clients regularly as well as create online content. In 2023 I plan to create beginner-friendly classes and travel to new locations to meet more BDSM communities.


My passions include climbing my way to cult leader status, professional wrestling, delicious food experiences, not wearing pants, informative literature, traveling, paranormal investigation, RPGs, dancing, makeup and fashion, gardening and mycology, baking, weight lifting at the gym, various artistic pursuits, history podcasts, cosplaying, volunteering in my community, and slut training. The last two may or may not be related. 

Although I do not expect gifts, they are always a wonderful welcome. My favorite gifts to receive are Avion Reserva 44, Cabo Wabo, Don Julio 1942, Patron Anejo, and Tequila Ocho Plata brands of tequila, single origin Madagascar dark chocolate, high CBD cannabis flower, vegan patisserie, professional massage or spa treatments, pedicures, gift cards to steam, Amazon, Etsy, or reputable BDSM shops such as Mr. S Leather, and camping/survivalist gear.