Old RT

“Her hand gently beckons, She whispers your name, And after you’ve met her, You’re never the same.”

Are you ready to serve and worship your new Mistress and transform into something more?

All real-time sessions take place in a fully equipped fetish space. For more information on the space, visit SubRosaPDX.com

Here are a list of activities and limits I provide in our experience together. I prefer to have you tell me about what interests you and I will craft a scene from there custom tailored to your needs.

Tribute is $300/hr locally.

If I’m traveling out of state, rates will be more depending on location.

I recommend at least 90 mins for a first session together so we can work more intensively on communication. 
Overnight or sessions over four hours can be negotiated if we have worked together before.

Meet and greets for new clients who would rather discuss things face-to-face than over the phone, the tribute is $100 for 45 minutes. We will meet in a public place of my choosing, such as a cafe or bar at a negotiated date and time.

For those who want long-term training and servitude, I require at least one session a month plus at least bi-weekly compensated check-ins via phone, video chat, or in person.

Rates are non-negotiable.

I expect to be treated with impeccable manners first and foremost. Understanding that I’m an incredibly busy person and My time is valuable. Although I’m not a judgmental person when it comes to your desires, Mine should be taken into consideration. I am not your personal fetish dispenser or therapist. I am an artist and creator of the devious who is allowing you the luxury of stepping into my realm. 

You will show up at your appointment at the exact time we arranged. If you show up early, you will be told to wait until the agreed-upon time. If you are running late, let Me know through text as soon as possible. You will still be expected to tribute the full amount agreed upon even if you are late. 

In the event of a cancellation, please let me know as soon as possible. To see me in the future, I will require a deposit.
In the event of a postponement, as long as there is a 48-hour notice, I will allow one postponement of the appointment that will be arranged within two weeks of the first appointment date. Any request for postponement within 48-hours of the appointment will be considered as a cancellation. If I am traveling, a deposit of half your total tribute is required and any requests to reschedule once I have left the city/state are considered a cancelation and your deposit will be forfeit.

Aftercare is also something extremely important to Me. I expect a thank you note/email within a day after our session. I deserve to be thanked for the time and effort I put into creating our scene. If this is an issue for you, then we should not play together.

If you agree, proceed.

Level Up & Submit To Me

Take your time and give deep thought to your answers here. This is your first step on your journey with Me and deserves attention to detail. This will help Me better understand you and your desires so we can come up with an amazing session together.

I will not reply back if you obviously rush through or give one-line answers to these important questions.

If you’re new and don’t know exactly what you want, tell Me about what brought you here. What are your fantasies? What specific things do you often find yourself thinking about or consuming? The more you let Me know, the better we can create an incredible scene. I do not judge anyone for their desires or fantasies and I pride myself on creating a safe place to discuss and communicate these things. Let yourself relax into this adventure and free yourself of any hesitations.